Comedy Estonia introduces daily deals

Daily deal websites like Groupon have been sprouting up across Europe over the past six months to offer major discounts on products and services. But most daily deal sites offer promotions that span a broad spectrum – many of which don’t appeal to your average expat, who isn’t as interested in a 50% discount on a Brazilian wax as he is in cheap booze. So Comedy Estonia has partnered with its favorite local businesses to launch a daily deal service of its own, targeted specifically at the expat and creep community. Here are your daily deals for Monday, July 18th.

Discount at Expatz Bar: Buy two shots, get a free STD test
50 discounts left out of 2000 offered

Shots at Expatz, the popular foreigner-oriented bar on Suur Kaarja, are expensive enough without having to shell out another €20 for an exhaustive STD exam the next day. This discount entitles the buyer to one free

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STD test at the Expatz Medical Center (located in the third stall of the men’s bathroom at Expatz) with the purchase of two shots. The discount is valid until the next time the bearer goes to Expatz, after which the results would be irrelevant anyway.

Discount at Linnahall: 80% off the bottle of Lauaviin at the top of the steps
1 discount left out of 1 offered

There’s a bottle of Lauaviin sitting on the top of the steps of the Linnahall. It looks unopened. The bottle would retail for €6, but the guy wearing six coats and Kleenex boxes for shoes will sell it to you for €2. No refunds.

Discount at Le’Chez Restaurant: You can rifle through the dumpster and eat anything you find for €10
0 discounts left out of 200 offered

Want to eat at Le’Chez, arguably Tallinn’s most exquisite restaurant, but can’t afford anything on the menu? For €10, Le’Chez will allow you to dive into the dumpster behind the restaurant and eat to your stomach’s content. Each night, Le’Chez throws away its patrons’ uneaten portions as well as food that was burned, undercooked, and dropped on the floor. For the discount price of just €10, the only difference between you and a real customer at Le’Chez will be your absence of dignity.

Discount at Dinner in the Air: 10% off dinner if you sit in the seat with no safety harness
10 discounts left out of 150 offered

Dinner in the Air offers diners the opportunity to eat on a platform held 75 meters above the ground by a suspension crane. The experience is perfectly safe, as all of the seats come equipped with a safety harness that has been thoroughly tested. All of the seats except the one that broke two weeks ago, that is. This discount entitles its bearer to eat at Dinner in the Sky for only 90% of the normal price if they sit in that specific seat.

Discount at Tallinn Bussijaam: 20% off Tallinn – Tartu bus ride at 6am on a Saturday
0 discounts left out of 100 offered

Live in Tartu? Want to enjoy a night out in Tallinn without paying for a hotel? Here’s your opportunity: with this 20% discount on a Tallinn – Tartu bus ride at 6am on any Saturday morning in August, you can enjoy Tallinn’s nightlife on a Friday night and be back in Tartu for breakfast on Saturday. You might also make a few friends on the way, if you can speak “drunk” and enjoy the smell of Taco Express and cheap shots.