Private Events

Comedy Estonia can provide our hilarious performances for your own private party, be that a personal birthday or your big company function. Our comedians can do these shows in either English or Estonian, they are equally funny in both languages!

We typically meet with you before the event to ensure everything is in order. Part of our service is to work with you to provide our experience in producing such events so that the setting and environment is perfect for comedy.

Contact us at or give us a call on 5595 3996 and we can help you.

Our Most Common Services

Evening’s Host

Comedy Estonia has extensive experience in providing charming English speaking hosts who can bring the right touch of humor to your evening. Package includes time to meet and prepare for the event, a customized speech at the start, a Stand-Up performance in the evening and the time of the host as late as you need them.

Stand Up Performance

This is the typical event package, where one or two performers come and entertain your guests after dinner. We find 25 minutes works best here because unlike a band, Stand Up Comedy requires the full attention of the guests. It is just enough time for your guests to enjoy the show and have a laugh, then letting them get back to their drinking and socializing. 15 minute performances are also available and a great way to get a quick laugh into your event when time is limited. We can provide the show in English or Estonian.


Customer References

“Meie pulma külalised said nautida väga mõnusat ja huumori rohket showd. Louis ja Stewart on väga head meeleol loojad ning lisasid meie peole vürtsi.” – Sirle Kivi

“Thank you very much! Your comedy club was professionally run and funny. The client and I enjoyed it very much. We hope to have more of your performances in the future” – Jaanus Jegorov, Eventmasters, Estonia

“Stand-up show was tailored well to us and was able to surprise our demanding audience.” – Financial Institution, Helsinki, Finland

“Stewart´s performance was magnificent” – Aira Tammemäe, manager of Sales Conference 2013, Äripäev

“The performance was great and the audience loved it. – Karit Kaasik, Tallinna Tervishoiu Kõrgkool”

Tips For a Great Night

When planning to use Stand Up comedy in your event, there are some things you can do to make sure the event is as successful as possible. When we meet with our clients we go over all these points with them.

  • 25 minute performances work best when in the middle of the evening, usually after dinner after people are settled but before they have had too much to drink.
  • Performances for less than 25 people done in a small venue are typically better without a microphone. This creates a fantastic connection between audience and comedian.
  • If the performance will be done with a microphone, please ensure this is all setup and ready for the performers. Consider putting a speaker at the back of the room to ensure everyone can hear correctly.
  • Please ensure the performers have adequate light on them.
  • Performances are best when the audience is seated close to the performer and not distracted by anything else i.e. a noisy bar. If the audience has to stand, try to give them something to put their drinks on.
  • It is best to have an event compère introduce the comedians onto the stage.
  • Let the attendees know they will be seeing Stand Up Comedy on the event programme. Stand Up requires concentration from the audience and they need to expect it coming so they can get a fresh drink and settle in.