Caleb Brunick

His name is Caleb, but you can call him Kalev, Kalle, Kale, whatever you like. He doesn’t really care, he’s just trying to talk about things around him in a humorous way. He is originally from New York, the birthplace of Stand-Up, and if you ask him why he decided to start doing stand up in Estonia, he probably won’t give you a straight answer cuz just like everyone else he doesn’t know why he is here either. It really doesn’t matter to him where he is since having grown up overseas his whole life overseas, he has essentially been preparing to perform for anyone and everyone his whole life, but it doesn’t really matter who’s in the audience as long as there is a microphone he’ll give you something to laugh and think about.

Caleb is a young man who came from New York to seek adventure in Tallinn, Estonia. Why? Even his dad doesn’t know. When Caleb steps on the stage he brings a safe and smooth atmosphere with him, where it’s like talking to your forigner friend on a Friday afternoon. He’s clever, he’s witty, and he can’t grow a beard. Although very lovable and suitable for all ages.


Varkse Veri Tour 2020 – 6 performances
Comedy Estonia Comedy Night – 4 performances

Opening For
Ardo Asperk “Sündinud Vabas Eestis” – 2019 (Tallinn)
John McCombs “THE ILLEGAL AMERICAN COMEDY TOUR” – 2019 (Tallinn Tartu)
Naomi Cooper “Bitch You Don’t Even Naomi”- Bitch You Don’t Even Naomi 2019 (Tallinn)


We haven’t really figured out if Caleb is offensive to provoke, because he hates himself or everyone around him, or he is just trying to be edgy, however, his jokes are ruthless in the best way possible. If you think that is the furthest it can go, do not hold your breath, the joke won’t definitely stop there.

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