Louis Zezeran, Photo by Höije Nuuter

Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran is an experienced Stand Up comedian, events host and public speaker based in Tallinn, Estonia. Louis was one of the founders of “Comedy Estonia” which introduced Stand Up culture to the country in 2010 and has now grown into a fully fledged events promotion and artist management agency working across Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Louis’ background is a diverse mix, he started with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science after which he quickly fell into being a software trainer, as it was clear he was better at talking than sitting down for days on end with his head in computer code.

Based in Estonia, Louis has 17 years experience in talking and helping people to talk better. A large part of his job at Comedy Estonia is “Talent Management” which means developing and mentoring young Estonian Stand Up comedians. However, Louis does not speak Estonian and this has developed into a unique and useful mechanism, while he does not understand all of the words, it does allow some detachment which is vital when mentoring artists as they need direction but they also need to feel they have space to explore their own directions. Despite being happy away from 9 to 5 work, Louis still does consulting for companies, helping them with their presentation skills and also broader topics like internal company communication and working in a mixed language environment.


IT / Business
REFRESH 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Moontec 2017, 2018
Robotex Nov 2018
sTARTUp Day 2016, 2017, 2019
JCI European Conference 2018, Riga
SHIFT 2017, 2018
PowerUp Country Finals Estonia 2017, 2018
Microsoft TechDay Baltics
Nordic Baltic Security Summit 2018
Swedbank Baltic Card Payment Forum 2017 Vilnius

EU ISA² Mid-Term conference 2018, Brussels
Estonian E-Riigi Akadeemia 2018

Private Parties
Tallink Grupp 2017 & 2018 Awards Gala
Taekwondo European Championships Opening Ceremony 2018
Many summer days and private dinners


Extensive experience moderating large conferences throughout Europe

  • On stage announcements and moderation
  • On stage panel lead and moderation
  • Running Q&A sessions with the live audience after a speaker
  • Stage management and ensuring next speakers are prepared
  • Focus on keeping events running on time

Public Speaking Topics

Life as a foreigner in Estonia. This could be more light hearted with jokes or could be a more serious look at integrating into a new society. I could also reflect on the growth of Stand Up comedy in Estonia and how it came to be that I am a foreigner but I run a company full of Estonan artists and indeed I do not understand their performances. I have given several talks for International companies about how we developed this multi language working environment.

Developing artists. One of my main roles with Comedy Estonia is artist manager, I guide the careers of our comedians like Sander Õigus and Ari Matti Mustonen. I am passionate about the role of the manager in an artist life and I have significant experience in helping mentor and grow artists. Part of my podcast is devoted to speaking to interesting people in the artist field and breaking down how they do their thing.

How to help your organization communicate online. Comedy Estonia has been very active in growing their online communication: YouTube videos, podcasts and live streaming. Between our group we have about 6 or 7 prominent podcasts and online channels and we have learnt many lessons about how to communicate online and what is the best medium. This can advise for individual artists on how to develop their online channels or it can be for a company to teach them how to utilize stream and video better in their internal communications.

All of these talks can be given in person or online. Feedback or chat Q&A sessions are encouraged to reinforce the material.

Podcast “Comedy Guy with Louis Zezeran”

You can gain a greater understanding of Louis’ style by listening to his podcast “Comedy Guy with Louis Zezeran”. It focused on one on one conversations with interesting people in Estonia. There is a running thread through the episodes of looking at the business side of the entertainment industry. Louis has a way of reflecting his experiences in running Comedy Estonia against the experiences of those in other fields of entertainment.

Some of the episodes are conversations meant for information and some are just silly fun.

There is also video of many episodes on the YouTube channel



Presenting at an EU Cyber Security Conference, Louis gave a 15 minute humorous summary of the day, using insights from his Computer Science background

Louis opening the StartUp Day Tartu 2016

Louis introducing a session on Enterprise sales at StartUp Day Tarty 2016

In 2016 Louis was fortunate enough to work At Eurovision as a video host for the Azerbaijan entry, Samra.

“Who wouldn’t love being at Eurovision? We had a hard working two weeks, shooting videos constantly throughout the day, some which were prerecorded and some which went live to Samra’s followers. Many of these live streams were done on only a few minutes notice and I had to think of something to say for 5, 10 or sometimes even 20 minutes at a time. I really enjoyed the challenge of being in the moment and adapting to the needs of the production, which often changed on a hourly basis.” – Louis

Louis was the face of the “Work in Estonia” campaign 2015