Virtual Meeting Offerings


A few of you may have noticed that it’s somewhat tricky to hold live events these days. Given that everyone is meeting on zoom these days, we have devised some packages which we think work really well in online meetings.

We still love Stand Up but we think that “pure” Stand Up doesn’t work via zoom. Stand Up relies on the connection and energy of a live audience. We think it’s kinda weird if someone pops into your online meeting and starts doing gags about Tallinn tram drivers. Instead, we came up with some entertainment we can deliver which is funny like Stand Up, but it fits the online meeting format better.

These performances can all be done in English or Estonian.

1. An online talk with chat Q&A

Not only are our comedians funny joke tellers, they have a lot of experiences about life as a comedian and trying to make your career as an artist in Estonia. This could be pitched as an inspirational talk or just more humorous stories about life as a comedian, we can adapt to your needs. Our comedians naturally talk in an interesting way and they are able to weave in their Stand Up stories in a more organic manner. We have given these talks to regular companies but also non profits and “Making a living as an artist” has also been a popular topic for schools. After the talk, the comedian can take questions via video or chat and we find these sessions really reinforce the ideas discussed.

Comedians who fit this style
Sander Õigus
Karl-Alari Varma
Louis Zezeran

2. Fun online games – a customised version of the “Külapood” podcast

Two of our comedians, Karl-Alari Varma and Ardo Asperk have been recording a popular podcast “Külapood” for some years now and since the start of the lockdown have successfully translated this format to online video streaming. At the time of writing they have done 15+ episodes on the Comedy Estonia YouTube channel. The basic formula is to take a person from your company and make them the guest of the show. The “episode” starts with some introduction and small talk. After this the “game” begins where Karl has many great questions and it’s a quiz between the guest and Ardo. After recording many episodes, the guys have a range of great questions to ask and we can also customise these for your company. The humour in the situation comes from the questions: Karl is a great host and Ardo has a way of chiming in with hilarious answers. The friendship and years of experience between Karl and Ardo shines through in the banter they create. There is no need for the guest to be “funny”, the guys know how to make the experience around the guest.

This is a fun, lighthearted activity which could be used to spotlight someone in your company. The length of the sketch can be adjusted but it would need 30 minutes minimum.

You can find many examples of this on the Comedy Estonia YouTube channel, here is one in particular:

Comedians who fit this style:
Karl-Alari Varma and Ardo Asperk
If you have a favorite Comedy Estonia comedian, they can be added to the formula as a 4th participant.

3. Video interview with a company member

This format is great when a CEO or leader needs to communicate information to the staff but they do not feel comfortable just speaking into the webcam as a monologue for 20 or 30 minutes. Our comedians are experienced at leading conversations from their podcasting experience and they can “interview” your leader and create a conversation which leads them through the topics to be discussed without appearing stiff. Our host would have a pre-meeting with the leader and go over the points they would like to get across. What is created is less of a straight up Q&A style interview and more of a natural conversation between the host and your leader. We believe that this style of communication is more interesting and therefore is more likely to be listened and absorbed by your staff. While you may have serious topics to go over, our comedians are experienced in balancing between important information and providing light hearted humour along the way.

The length of the conversation can be adjusted however it would depend on the amount of information you need to get across.

You can see some examples of this style with such guests as Dave Benton and Taavi Rõivas on the YouTube Channel for “Comedy Guy with Louis Zezeran”.

Comedians who fit this style
Louis Zezeran
Karl-Alari Varma

If any of these packages interest you, please contact our sales manager Kristiina Lõhkivi at or +372 5592 0782.

We welcome your input, if you have differing requirements we can work with you to come up with a new concept which fits your organisation.